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Questionnaire for Neuroscience MSc students 2008
Respondents: 38 Status: Open
Launched Date: 15/02/2008 Closed Date: N/A

9. Other comments
1. The recordings made a huge difference(Personal perspective)
2. Having realised how limited my time really is now that I am closer to the exams I would have preferred to not attend any of the live lectures and instead listened to the lectures at home. At home I can stop and rewind where I get confused or check up a concept on wikipedia/some other source. I wish I had done this from the begining because now when I am revisiting the lectures online I feel like I didnt even go!! (sometimes).
3. recording lectures helps to refresh notes, not useful to use as a substitute for attending the live lectures.
4. I have found this facility very useful
5. Had the lectures not been recorded, I would have attempted to make more notes during live lectures, but I don't think it would have meant that I take anything more away from the lecture.

By exam time I plan to have consulted recordings for most of the lectures I revise.
6. Note taking during lectures is often difficult, especially in case the lecturer speaks very fast and the lecture topic is entierely new and badly structured. Hence having the opportunity to listen to it again gives you better and easier access to some subjects. Moreover it is really good for revision.
7. i approached the live lectures in the same way as i usually would - turn up to as many as possible. the recorded lectures are invaluable for revision and also going through essay topics. ive been very impressed with it
8. If you are listening to a lecture on a topic that is new to you, it helps to listen and understand the 'idea' of what is being taught and absorb it rather than frantically making notes which would not be sufficient for recalling.
9. Recorded lectures are an added bonus - they should stay
10. In regards to question 7, travel to the iop was quite difficult for me and access to recorded lectures helped ensure i havent missed anything as well as easing the financial burden of travel.

In regards to question 8, it is not such a clear cut 'yes' or 'no' answer, without recorded lectures, i would have tried to make more notes, but most of the time lecturers move between points so quickly it is very difficult to write everything down during the lecture
11. Recorded lectures are a wonderful resource for review and clarification. Further having the Moodle site with opportunity to consult lecture notes or pdf links is invaluable to the MSc course.
12. In regards to lectures where specific structures were pointed out in the live lecture, you lose this information in the recording, which is why the recordings were not a substitute for attending the lectures for me.
13. It's a fantastic facility. Quite a chore for the person doing the recordings, especially when there are technical problems.
14. no
15. Personally, I am much in favour of recorded lectures and e-material. I think it would be easier for students and lecturers alike if lectures weren't given live at all (or instead, it was accepted as not compulsory to attend the live showing). If they were not live, then lectures could be videotaped once, parts rehersed to make a 'best' copy, and then tutorial sessions for that lecturer's material could be held live to cater for questions. This would make the learning process much more efficient. It would avoid the 'bittyness' of the course and put lectures of similiar content closer together for easier consolidation. Topics on one subject can then be studied as a block, much like an undergraduate module, which will improve consolidation. It would also be better if the lectures were not so lumped together before christmas, leaving a large expanse of time afterwards.
16. Because so much is convered during the lectures,I tended to have to listen and not take so many detailed notes. The recorded lectures helped flesh out the cursory notes taken during the live lectures.
However, during the lectures the lecturer may refer to diagrams, draw diagrams, show exemplars etc...this is missed in the recorded lectures, so it should be made clear to students that attending the live lectures is important and that the recorded lectures should be used as reinforcement.
Also, you can't ask questions during the recorded lectures...or have chocolate!
17. moodle is great. should find a way of making it possible to watch it on ipod video.
18. Not having to take notes in the lectures has actually helped me to understand the subjects better, I feel. I find I listen differently when not having to concentrate on writing it all down in a legible form. With little, or no, background knowledge, you can go to a 'live' lecture and understand the concept and then go over the details by listening to the recorded lecture. Also, the recorded lectures give you the chance to prepare for the lectures; if the lecture topic is something totally new to me I like to listen to the recorded lecture first to get a bit of basic understanding. In no way do I consider that the recorded lectures have replaced the need to attend live lectures.

I am genuinely grateful for the recorded lectures and the work that goes into making them available for us.

Possible future improvements - maybe also make the lectures available as an audio file only (mp3) so they can uploaded to an iPod (or equivalent) for listening to while at the gym/carrying out a mundane pipetting jobs in the lab. (That said, if a student wants to, they can already do this.)
19. When students ask questions/make comments in class, you can't ususally hear what they are saying, only what the lecturer responds, which is frustrating and can waste a large chunk of time while you work out what was said or how long the discussion is going to continue. When something is indicated with a pointer in real time, it obviously doesn't show up on the recording so sometimes it's hard to tell what is being referred to.
20. I would have taken more notes but sometimes it is hard to follow and understand the lecture and at the same time take detailed notes. I think the recorded lectures have been a great idea and have helped my revision a lot.
21. I have used the recorded lectures to recap on certain topics and on the few lectures I have missed.
22. If a lecture you didnt attend was for some reason not recorded it was disappointing. If a lecture you attended but wanted to listen to again to help with revision and it was partly or not at all recorded it was disappointing. Therefore recorded lectures are useful as assurance.
23. It is clear that the recorded lectures coupled with the structure of the course, puts it head and shoulders above any other MSc in the UK. I think that John and Catherine have done a fanatastic job in ensuring that as many of the lectures are recorded as possible. They both are truely a credit to the IOP and Kings. 2004
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